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A VERY SOPHISTICATED BOLT ACTION: The action on this platform is proprietary to Black Rain Ordnance, Inc. Starting with a true hex receiver that houses our rear locking 3 lug bolt design. Utilizing the 3 lug design allows for a short 60deg throw and smooth operation, while increasing stability and harmonic consistency throughout the rifle. The Sako style extractor works in conjunction with a spring-less ejector to provide the shooter with control over how the spent shell casing is ejected. Each of these rifles is Accurized during assembly for unparalleled out of the box performance.

BARREL: The barrels are turned and fluted from 416R stainless and use a 6 groove 1:10 rifling. The 24″ barrel is imbedded at the .250 recoil lug and front of the receiver to maintain proper spacing for increased consistent accuracy. The muzzle crown is recessed to protect the rifling and is offered in non-threaded and threaded for use with a compensator or suppressor.

STOCK: Manners stock, T2A and T5A (T5A pictured above).

TRIGGER: The trigger design is also unique to Black Rain ordnance, Inc. The operation is extremely crisp with a clean break and virtually no creep. They are preset at 3.5lbs but can be adjusted with a simple spring change.

MAGAZINE: The bottom metal is a proprietary design that is manufactured for us by CDi, it accepts AI magazines.

MAGAZINE CAPACITY: All rifles will ship with magazine capacity in accordance with receiving state’s laws.

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